Audi R8 Hire In The UK – Where To Hire In The UK?

r82In this post we will give you some tips if you are looking to hire an Audi R8 in the UK. You can check out our in-depth look at the Audi R8 which will give you some video previews and tell you some stats on the car.

Audi R8 Hire Details:

If you are looking to hire an Audi R8 in the UK and you are new to hiring or driving supercars then you will find this is an awesome starter car. If you can even call it that! It certainly has a lot of power but due to the Audi 4WD system it will make you feel safer and is not quite as ‘untame’ as some supercars.

For instance if you compare this to the Ferrari 458 for instance you will see that they are two cars that will behave totally differently.

The Ferrari 458 is the most sought after car in the world but you will know as soon as you get in it that you are driving a supercar. The Audi R8 is deceptive – it is a stunner to look at, drives really well and you could actually use it as a daily driver.

Who Should Hire?

If this is your first drive in a supercar we recommend the Audi R8 – it gives you EVERYTHING you need from a supercar and is less ‘scary’ than some of the others!

Check out this video and see where to hire:

Audi R8 Hire In The UK:

To hire the Audi R8 we recommend you head over to the Audi R8 Hire page at Premiere Velocity.

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