Ferrari 458 Italia Self Drive Hire

On this page we will give you information on how you can hire a Ferrari 458 Italia on a self-drive basis and experience the thrill of a prestige super car.

We will tell you a bit about the car, give you a full review and also give you the car spec as well as give you a recommendation on where to book your hire.

NOTE: If you are in a hurry and just want to get on with booking a supercar for the ultimate self-drive experience you can check out Premiere Velocity or our FAQ on super car hire or if you are new to hiring a supercar you might want to check out this post that will tell you what you need to know before you hire a supercar.

Let us take a look at the gorgeous Ferrari 458 Italia:

Ferrari 458 Italia

Quite simply the Ferrari 458 is one of the most sought after supercars in the world both in terms of its breath taking style and how it drives.

If you choose to hire from Premiere Velocity you will also get the most sought after Oakley design – check out these pics:





The new Ferrari has been produced in Maranello and has been getting red hot reviews from anyone lucky enough to sit in the driver’s seat. Keeping the same spirit of a “Ferrari” and giving it a revamped design makes this the Ferrari to have.

A lot of the “drive” of the car comes from Ferrari’s extensive experience in F1 and you can be sure that in terms of handling, engine, aerodynamics and style you will be very hard pushed to beat it.

The Ferrari 458 Italia gives balanced, smooth power delivery and if you are just cruising at low speeds you might think you are in a “normal” car. However when you press the pedal down you are GUARANTEED goose bumps and will delight at the howl of the engine and the power of the 458!

You will have a perfectly tuned V8 engine howling that is sat about 18 inches behind your seat.

Fabled as a Lamborghini beater for the thrill of a lifetime and to drive bar none one of the most sought after and electrifying sports car available on the road today.

Ferrari 458 Italia Specs:

0-60mph: 3.4 seconds

Top Speed: 202mph

570 BHP

Ferrari 458 Italia Review:

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Or if you want to see a sneak peak of the Ferrari 458 Italia check out the video below which will give you a full tour of the interior and exterior and also tell you what each control does before you hire your Ferrari 458 Italia:

NOTE: The one shown here is not the EXACT model that you will hire from Premiere Velocity in the UK but it is the same car.

You can also check out a video below that gives you a complete review of the Ferrari 458 Italia from Top Gear:


Where To Book A Ferrari 458 Italia In The UK For Self Drive Hire?

If you are looking to hire out a Ferrari 458 you need to check out Premiere Velocity where you will be able to get the latest model with the Oakley design.

You will also get:

Fully Comprehensive Insurance anywhere in the UK

Two permitted drivers

Sat Nav

Child Seat (where required)

100 miles per day

Delivery/Collection (where applicable)

You can also check out our Super Car Hire FAQ’s for the top questions and answers when you are looking to hire a supercar.

If you are ready to book head over to the Ferrari 458 Italia booking page for easy online booking – you simply select your dates and book or feel free to give Premiere Velocity a call with any questions.

This car is literally the MOST sought after sports car in the world!

Jump behind the wheel today and book the ultimate self-drive hire experience at Premiere Velocity!