McLaren MP4 12C Spider Hire in the UK – Another Look At The MP4!

spyder2In this post we are going to revisit the McLaren MP4 12C Spider and tell you how you can hire out this awesome machine in the UK. You can also check out the full review of the McLaren MP4 12C Spider which will feature some videos that show you the actual car you will be driving from Premiere Velocity.

We also give you an overview of the McLaren MP4 12C Spider and how you can hire this car in the UK through the video below:

The McLaren MP4 12C Spider will give you a very fast supercar and goes 0-60 in just 2.9 seconds! You also have a top speed of 213 mph and 616BHP!

Who is the McLaren MP4 12C Spider For?

When you are thinking about hiring a supercar such as the McLaren MP4 12C Spider you need to think about who this car is for. If you are not going to go for the obvious choice of the Ferrari 458 or the Lamborghini LP560-4 Spyder which is another very popular choice than the MP4 will give you incredible speed!

I cannot think of anyone that loves supercars that would be disappointed with the McLaren MP4 12C Spider!

With an insanely fast engine, breath-taking 0-60 speeds and of course the thrill of top-down driving so you can hear the engine roar you need to check out the McLaren MP4 12C Spider!

Where To Hire?

We recommend hiring the McLaren MP4 12C Spider from Premiere Velocity in the UK and they also include delivery door-to-door and excellent service!

Check out the car and some pictures at Premiere Velocity below:


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