Mercedes SLS Self Drive Hire

Mercedes SLS Self Drive HireOn this page we are going to have a look at the Mercedes SLS and give you some information as well as a review and the spec of the car as well as tell you where to go if you want to hire this on a self-drive hire basis.

You can also read our FAQ page, what you need to know about supercar hire and the dangers of cheap supercar hire before you begin.

If you are not sure which car you want to hire you can check out which supercar is right for you.

If you already know that you want to hire the Mercedes SLS we recommend that you head over to Premiere Velocity which is one of the largest supercar hire companies in the UK and book your experience.

Here is some pictures of the Mercedes SLS:




Mercedes SLS Review:

This car is a monster! Which sums up our review in just four words! If you hire the Mercedes SLS you will be looking for tremendous power a huge supercharged 6.2 L V-8 engine and also in styling both inside and out.

You will get the gull wing doors, 19 inch wheels on the front and 20 inch wheels on the back so this actually looks like a racetrack car.

However despite the power it also has a very luxurious cabin inside and all you will be able to see is the bonnet while you are driving which is HUGE!

So despite it being an absolute beast in terms of speed and style there is also a certain amount of refinement the with it being Mercedes.

Here are some videos of the Mercedes SLS:

Who Should Hire The Mercedes SLS?

If you are looking for a very far supercar in one of the biggest and finest engines that you will find you need to test out the Mercedes SLS. Despite blistering speed you will also get a very luxurious cabin and is like traveling on the road in first-class!


0-60: 3.8 seconds

Top Speed: 200mph

BHP: 571

Where To Hire The Mercedes SLS?

If you want to hire the Mercedes SLS on a self-drive hire basis we recommend checking out Premiere Velocity. They have over 40 cars in their fleet and more importantly they have a knowledgeable team that can suggest cars based on what you want to experience. Make sure that you are fully comprehensively insured so you do not have to worry and can just get on enjoying the car.

They also deliver throughout the whole of the UK at very reasonable delivery costs.

If you are new to supercar hire you can check out what you need to know first, our FAQ’s or you can head over to Premiere Velocity and book the Mercedes SLS for hire.