Nissan GTR 550 Self Drive Hire

Nissan GTR 550 Self Drive HireOn this page we are going to tell you how you can hire the Nissan GTR 550 on a self-drive hire basis in the UK. We will give you a brief review of the car and we will also tell you what to expect when renting out a supercar.

As well as that, we will also tell you are recommended super car hire company in the UK which is Premiere Velocity.

If you are completely new to supercar hire you can check out our FAQ page or head over and learn how to hire a supercar in the UK step-by-step.

Let us now have a look at the Nissan GTR 550:





Nissan GTR 550 Review:

If you are looking to hire the Nissan GTR 550 then you are off to one thing – blinding speed! This is a very fast accelerating car and you literally will not find anything that can beat it until you move into HyperCar territory.

You will be able to go 0-60 in just 2.9 seconds. This is incredible as a three second time is very fast indeed but to get under that is insane!

The Nissan GTR 550 also looks like a beast and the model you will be driving and hiring from Premiere Velocity will give you a menacing black paint work with gunmetal wheels and also features a very cool black and red interior!

The model is also from 2013 and is the new model that features a 3.5 L V-6 twin turbo engine!

The car is worth £85,000 and gives you a whopping 550 bhp!

The gearbox is immense and gives you an awesome driving experience especially when doing a 0-60 sprint!

It is a seven speed double clutch gearbox and even rivals the mighty Ferrari 458 in terms of shift speed.

Who Is This For?

If you after the buzz of driving one of the fastest cars in a 0 to 60 sprint then you need to check out the Nissan GTR 550. It also offers a luxury interior with the Bose sound system and a beautiful red and black setup!

The Nissan GTR 550 is one of my personal favourites and is a beast!

Nissan GTR 550 Videos:

Nissan GTR 550 Spec:

0-60: 2.9 seconds

Top Speed: 195mph

BHP: 530

Where To Hire The Nissan GTR 550?

If you are looking to hire the Nissan GTR 550 in the UK we recommend heading over to Premiere Velocity and booking this powerhouse of a car.

You can also check out which supercar is right for you – which is a page where we have listed all of the supercars for hire.

Or if you need more information you can read how to hire a supercar in the UK step-by-step.

Head over to Premiere Velocity today and check out the full range of cars or book the Nissan GTR 550 today for the drive of your life.