Range Rover Sport Autobiography Self Drive Hire

sportautobiography4This page will tell you about the Range Rover Sport Autobiography and give you a review of the car and also tell you where you can hire this car in the UK on a self-drive basis.

If you already know that you want to hire the Range Rover Sport Autobiography then you can go direct to the recommended super car hire company in the UK to use. Or you are welcome to view our frequently asked questions, find out what you need to know about supercar hire first or view our review page that will help you decide which supercar is right for you.

Let us take a look At the Range Rover Sport Autobiography and tell you what you can expect with this gorgeous 4 x 4:






Range Rover Sport Autobiography Review

If you are looking to drive around in first-class comfort and literally be king of the road in a super high ride and also super comfortable ride then you may be looking for this 4 x 4.

You will find that the Range Rover Sport Autobiography has been completely revamped in terms of styling and takes a lot of it style now from the Evoque.

In terms of car reviews the Range Rover Sport got five stars in most of the motoring press out there. You will get a tremendously comfortable ride with the height of luxury and the ability to carry up to seven people, while also getting a sporty engine and a huge 4 x 4 that can move like a hot hatch GTI!

You will be amazed by the cornering ability of the 4 x 4, even though it is a very large and heavy car it can shift and corner very well. This is in part thanks to the weight reduction and the new styling that takes 420 kg off of the standard weight.

The best thing is that you will have a supercharged 5.0L V8 engine under the bonnet that is tremendously powerful and sounds amazing, it will also give you a whopping 503 brake horse power!

Range Rover Sport Autobiography Specs:

0-60: 5.3 seconds

Top Speed: 155mph

BHP: 503

Range Rover Sport Autobiography Preview

Have a look at the videos below so you can see the Range Rover Sport Autobiography in action and get an idea of the beast you will be driving when you hire this car from Premiere Velocity.

NOTE: This is not the EXACT car you will be hiring from Premiere Velocity but it is the same model.

Where To Hire The Range Rover Sport Autobiography In The UK?

If you are looking to hire the Range Rover Sport Autobiography in the UK we recommend that you check out Premiere Velocity not just because they are the biggest supercar hire firm in London but also because you are guaranteed to be in good hands, get comprehensive insurance, decent prices and also they provide delivery anywhere in the UK for a reasonable fee.

Obviously you have to be careful when you are looking into supercar hire to make sure that you are insured properly and in case the worst happens that you are not left out of pocket.

You can also check out our FAQ page or read our post on what you need to know about supercar hire before you get involved – or you can head over to Premiere Velocity and book your Range Rover Sport Autobiography.

It is as simple as picking the days you want to hire, where you want pick up and collection of the vehicle and booking your spot!

This 4 x 4 is guaranteed to put a smile on your face!