Self-Drive Car Hire FAQ – Top Questions When Hiring A Luxury Car

super car hire questionsOn this page we are going to address some of the top questions people have when hiring a luxury car. We will also continue to add to this page as we get more questions. Feel free to Contact Us if you have any specific questions or check out our post on Supercar Hire and what you need to know before you get started.

You can also check out our recommended super car hire company. Before we even get started with the questions one of the hardest things is finding a decent supercar hire firm that does not charge the earth, has an awesome set of supercars and is safe to use.

Q: How old do I have to be to hire a supercar?

A: 25 is the really the youngest to get insured on a super car and if you are going for one of the top of the range such as the Lamborghini Huracan you will need to be a minimum age of 30.

Q: How long do I need to have been driving to get insured on a super car?

A: 3 years at a minimum and a recommended 5 years for some of the cars depending on what you are going to pick.

Q: How is the hire charged?

A: Many supercar hire companies are different and as mentioned above you need to make sure you get a decent one like Premiere Velocity to escape hidden charges.

NOTE: Premiere Velocity also supply Hertz Supercars as well so you know they are legit and the range of cars is HUGE.

1 day = 24 hours and the minimum rental period is 24 hours from Monday-Thursday only. Normally you will rent for longer than this and the most popular option is a long weekend Friday till Monday.

Q: How does the insurance for the car work?

A: Premiere Velocity offer Comprehensive insurance included with the rental of each car however there is also an insurance excess – this is different for each car and ranges from a deposit of £2000 to £5000.

Of course as long as the car is returned in the condition you were hired it you get this back.

Q: Where can I drive the car?

A: Any legal road in the U.K – if for some reason you want to take it off the public highway in the UK or abroad you need to get written consent first.

Q: Who can drive the vehicle I hire?

A: Just you the person who hires it. The insurance will be in your name and essentially if you let anyone else drive the car they would be driving WITHOUT insurance and you would lose your deposit. Of course you can drive safely with a friend in the car as a passenger though.

Q: Who pays for fuel?

A: You are responsible for keeping the tank topped up and putting the correct fuel in.

Q: How many miles can you drive a day?

A: 100 with Premiere Velocity and you can purchase more before you hire and make sure it is agreed. If you go over that you will be charged per extra mile.

Q: How To Book Super Car Hire?

A: This is the easy part…

Head over to Premiere Velocity:


Pick the car you want and use the calendar to pick the dates you want.

Pick where you want to pick the car up from and drop it off. (Note there is a delivery charge depending on where you have the car delivered or if you need it collected)

That’s it – once booked someone from the Premiere Velocity team will be in touch to check your license details and secure the deposit.

Get ready for the time of your life!