Cheap Supercar Hire – How To Make Sure You Get The Best Deal AND The Best Service!

ferrari458italia3When you think about supercars and driving them one word that does not often come up is the word ‘cheap’. When you are looking to drive a car that costs over £100,000 and literally one of the most powerful cars in the world on a self-drive hire basis you need to make sure that you get a good hire company and also check out a few things first.

In this post we are going to deal with specifically how much you should pay for supercar hire and what you should look out for before you make your booking.

You can also check out our FAQ page or read about what you need to know first before you even consider supercar hire.

In the UK there are not many companies that offer legit supercar hire – let me explain:

Cost Of Hiring A Supercar:

The main thing that you will think about when you are looking to hire a supercar is the cost and you may find some companies that offer some incredible deals. However this is where you need to stop being very careful indeed.

There are lot of different things that goes into the maintenance of supercars, the hire and also your safety in terms of insurance and also in terms of the car maintenance.

A real supercar hire company will make sure that you have comprehensive insurance and you are fully protected in case the worst were to happen.

I have seen deals where a supercar is offered for as little as £400 for one week however this should ring alarm bells. You do not want to simply borrow a car from a company and then find that you are uninsured and in real trouble if anything happens.

How To Stay Safe:

We were now talk about how to stay safe and make sure that you get a really good supercar hire company. One thing I recommend doing if you are close enough to the hire firm is to go and check out the cars.

In my opinion if they do not allow you to see the cause before you hire then I would find another supercar hire company. Of course it is possible for normal carriages to source supercars and it may be cheaper this one but you will also find that you are unprotected and running a real risk should accidents happen.

Any legit supercar hire company in the UK will have the cars available for you to have good look before you make any decisions.

Give Them A Call!

All of the above taken into account you should not be disheartened as if it is your dream to hire and drive a supercar then you should go for it, again in my opinion.

One of the best ways to answer any questions you may have is to check out our FAQ page and if you still have questions we recommend that you give Premiere Velocity a call. We will be writing another post that will tell you why we have picked them as our number one choice.

However as a brief overview they are the largest supercar hire firm in London with over 40 cars in stock ranging from the Ferrari 458 Italia, Lamborghini LP570-4, Aston Martin DB9 Volante to the Porsche Boxster S.

You can also get a full overview of each car on the website and they also run Hertz supercars as well.

Best of all you will get a personal, friendly experience from Stephen Price & Ben Waine the owners and also the entire team as they are very knowledgeable about supercars and even can help you pick the right supercar for you.

Check out our page which will tell you which supercar you should hire and also give you a complete review of each car. Or head over to Premiere Velocity and give them a call where they will be happy to help and make sure that you have an experience of a lifetime.

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