Super Car Hire – What You Need To Know FIRST!

Super Car Hire – What You Need To Know FIRST!Welcome To Luxury Car Hire Choice,

There is no doubt about it, hiring a super car – the car of your dreams is awesome! If you are a car lover there are not many things that come close to the “rush” of driving one of the top cars in the world.

We have set up this site to give you a full overview of the experiences and super car hire that is available in the UK.

There are a few things you need to know to ensure that your experience stays safe, fun and the memory of a lifetime.

On this site you will be able to explore models of cars that are available with our recommended hire car company and you will also be able to read the FAQ if you have a specific questions.

We will also post videos of the latest cars and keep you up to date with the best deals and prices for super car hire.

We will also cover other services like Short Term Leasing, Chauffeuring and Corporate events.

Have a look around the site and if you have any specific questions please contact me at

To start you off on the right track you can navigate the menu at the top to have a look at the different cars that are available.

If you are in a hurry you can view our recommended Supercar hire company Premiere Velocity – they are based in London but have competitive pricing and also deals for delivery nationwide so no matter where you are you can experience the thrill of a super car.

You can also find some of the social media sites like YouTube, Facebook and Twitter if you want to stay up to date with the latest cars and also get a sneak peak at these AWESOME machines.

If you just want to get on with hiring a luxury car we will run you through 3 things you need to know and why we have picked Premiere Velocity as our #1 choice!

#1 Safety Is Paramount

Owning a super car is expensive we all know that. A lot of that expense will be down to not just the price of the vehicle but also the insurance. You MUST make sure, before you go with any super car hire company that you are protected and have comprehensive insurance.

We have picked Premiere Velocity as our top choice not just on the fantastic range of cars but also on the fact that you get Comprehensive insurance and a reasonable deposit.

Some supercar hire companies may charge you less for the hire but if you are NOT insured you will NOT be legal on the road and if the worst were to happen or even if you were to get stopped by the police YOU would be liable.

Don’t ruin your special day and make sure you get a legit company like Premiere Velocity for peace of mind.

#2 Range of Cars

Another reason we pick Premiere Velocity as our number 1 choice is because the range of cars is staggering! You can drive everything from a more standard (but still very nice) Porsche Boxster S all the way to a Lamborghini Huracan and of course everything in-between.

You want to be sure that the range of cars you are getting is adequate and with Première Velocity being the #1 Supercar hire company in London they are ALWAYS getting the latest cars in and update the site.

#3 Price

Hiring a supercar is not cheap. There is no way around it BUT if you want to self-drive a supercar and take to the roads in one of the WORLD’S more luxurious cars it is not much of a price to pay. You MUST be careful when you are looking at super car hire that you don’t get any hidden charges.

Premiere Velocity have simple hire terms, give you 100 miles a day as well as the option to buy more and also discounts depending on when you hire.

Another really cool thing is that you get cars like the Lamborghini Huracan at rock bottom prices.

#4 Fun

We said we would tell you 3 things but there is of course a fourth!


Hiring a supercar should be fun and Premiere Velocity handle the entire thing personally to make sure your hire is fun, memorable and safe.

Check out the rest of the site for details on the cars with in depth reviews or head straight over to Première Velocity to book the car of your dreams.


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