What To Expect When You Hire A Supercar?

hurrican1In this post we want to give you a sneak peak of what you can expect when you hire a supercar. In actual fact the company that we recommend will allow you to hire Sports Cars, 4×4’s/SUV’s, Prestige and Luxury Cars and of course an all-out Supercar.

If you are wondering which cars you will be able to drive there are some limitations, mainly to do with insurance and age restrictions but you can check out our FAQ for more information on that.

If you are seriously looking to hire a supercar on a self-drive basis which means YOU get to experience the thrill of driving the car then you need to check out our post on Super Car Hire and what you need to know first. This will tell you WHY we recommend Premiere Velocity and how you can make this the experience of a lifetime.

You can also check out our Supercar Reviews page where we will be listing the cars that are available and going into full detail in terms of spec and giving you some videos that show the car off.

We start off with the most popular super cars for hire such as the Ferrari 458 Italia but you will also see other cars here that you can pick.

Either head over to Premiere Velocity and book your supercar or check out the video below that will give you a sneak peak of the Lamborghini Gallardo Special Edition and show you the speed of the car and give you an idea of what it feels like to drive this monster…

Premiere Velocity Sneak Peak:

Ready to book a super car for self-drive hire?


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