McLaren MP4 Spyder Hire In The UK

mclarenspyder1This post will give you a video that explains exactly how you can hire the McLaren MP4 Spyder in the UK and experience the drive of a lifetime while staying safe. I will tell you what you need to look for with any supercar hire company and also why you should pick Premiere Velocity.

Check out the McLaren MP4 Spyder hire video:

You can also check out our full review of the McLaren MP4 Spyder which will give you more details on spec and video previews OR if you are ready you can head over and hire the McLaren MP4 Spyder from Premiere Velocity.

Cheap Super Car Hire – Day 3 – Answering Your Top Questions About Luxury Car Hire

In this post I am going to tell you all about cheap supercar hire.

I will also show you:

How Much Supercar Hire Costs

Why You Should Not Go Too Cheap

Where To Book Your Supercar

Range Of Cars

Check out the vid:

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7 Tips To Finding A Good Supercar Hire Company

In this post I will give you a video that will give you 7 tips to finding a great Supercar hire company to use:

7 Tips To Picking A Great Supercar Hire Company:

Here is an overview of the tips:

1. Reputable Company – Due diligence.

2. Full range of Supercars – Make sure they have the latest models.

3. Phone Number – Make sure you can contact them before, during and after.

4. Cars held at location – Make sure they hold the cars themselves.

5. Go and Visit – If you can go and check out the place and see the cars.

6. Delivery charges & Hidden Charges – Make sure you know the charges for delivery and any extra costs beforehand.

7. Well maintained and as number 2 -full range of cars.

You can head over to Premiere Velocity our recommended Supercar hire company or you can check out which supercar is right for you.

How To Hire A Supercar In The UK? – Step By Step Guide

astonmartingdb94aIn this post we are going to tell you how you can hire a supercar in the UK. We will guide you through the process step-by-step and also give you a recommendation on the best company to use.

Obviously hiring a supercar is an incredible experience but there are things that you need to be careful of. Of course you need to stay safe during hire a make sure that you adhere to the highway code, but even before you get behind the wheel you need to make sure that you get a decent company that will give you well looked after and maintained cars, a decent service and also know that you are getting fully comprehensive insurance so you are safe at all times.

If you are looking for more specific information you can see how much it costs to hire a supercar in the UK, cheap supercar hire and what to avoid, what to expect when you hire a supercar and also what you need to know first.

If you are just interested in getting on with it and hiring a supercar you can check out which supercar is right for you.

If you are still after step-by-step instructions and the company we recommend using we will run through that now:

  1. Head over to Premiere Velocity.
  2. Select the sort of car that you want to hire you will be able to choose from:


Prestige & Luxury Cars

4×4’s / SUV’s

Sports Cars

  1. Once you have selected the sort of car you want to hire you will see them all listed and there will also be a guide on the price per day.
  2. Simply click on the car you want to hire and there will be a form to get an online quote.

You may also want to head over to the Hire Car Terms page to read the exact terms. Nothing too scary in there – things you will have to note is that if you want to drive a supercar you will need to be between ages 30-65 for the super car rental.

You must have held a driving license for 5 years recommended for supercars, 2 years for other cars.

You will also need an insurance excess available – again this is nothing too scary it is just a deposit in case the car is damaged. This ranges from £2000 to £5000 depending on the vehicle hired.

The awesome thing is that once you have your booking you know that you are in safe hands.

Have a look around the site for some of the car reviews or head over to Premiere Velocity and give them a call today.