Supercar Hire As A Gift – My 3rd Choice!

ferrari458spiderIn this post I will give you my third choice for supercar hire and tell you a bit about what you can expect. This is a short series of videos that will help you pick a car to hire in the UK if you are new to supercar hire or if you are looking for ideas when you are hiring a car as a gift.

Here is a video that will give you a full rundown of my third choice and it will also cover the other two choices briefly.

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If you are ready to hire the Ferrari 458 spider you can head over to to book the car. You can also check out our frequently asked questions if you want more information about how old you need to be, what the insurance covers, how many miles you get a day and so on…

You can also check out our second and first choice for supercar hire in the UK.

Of course you can pick whichever car you like and you will be able to head to this page to get an overview of the cars available for hire!

Lastly, if you are still not found what you are looking for head over to and give the guys a call and they will be pleased to help answer any questions you have.

Ferrari 458 Italia Hire In The UK – What You Need To Know First And Who To Hire From?

ferrari458italia2In this post we will give you a video that will answer some questions when you are looking to hire the Ferrari 458 Italia in the UK.

The video will tell you about the Ferrari 458 Italia and the Ferrari 458 Italia spider which are both available to hire from Premiere Velocity.

You can also see both of these cars in action in this post, or you can head over and get a complete Ferrari 458 Italia review.

If you are in a hurry you can head over to premiere velocity and the Ferrari 458 Italia hire page to book your supercar experience.

Ferrari 458 Italia Hire In The UK:

To hire either the Ferarri 458 Italia or the Spider version head over to Premiere Velocity…